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Re: Explain TEPR please

On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Ronald K. Long wrote:

> Chuck wrote: TEPR 4: 42
>              TEPR 5: 78.
> I know all the utc times for the end of eclipses.
> I know the utc times of AOS and LOS of all AO-27 passes. I just need to
> know when the xmtr turns on and off to compare with the AOS and LOS times.

Well, with AO-13 gone, we needed something to replace "Mode B starts at
Phase x, with Mode BS at x+y, and what does phase have to do with time
anyway...?" <grin>

Amateur TX-on (TEPR 4) starts 24 minutes after eclipse end; Amateur TX-off
(TEPR 5) is at 39 minutes after eclipse end; total time-on is 15 minutes.
The TEPR "units" of time are 30-second increments, not minutes.

73, Steve  KA1LM

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