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Re: Field Day and AO-27

> Hey folks, if you're expecting to make your Field Day satellite contact
> on AO-27, you can just about forget it...

Hey!, Good point, BUT, AO-10 is just about as easy and is up for hours!

Field day is unique.  Just prop a good size 2m Yagi on the ground against
a post and connect your all mode 2m receiver and you can hear it.  Connect
your ARROW antenna to your UHF all mode rig and you can hit it!  Or use an
FM rig (with no mike) to send slow CW...

Forget AZ/EL rotators, remote control cables, pre-amps, coax switches,
polarity switches, long coax, power amps, angle indicators, synchros, and
alignment.  You dont need ANY of that junk when you have a 6 foot coax and
an armstrong rotator!

I just decided tonight that that is what I am going to do.  I got lots of
long yagis on the ground.  None of my collection ever gets mounted on the
roof...  just too much trouble.  But FD, is a snap.

In fact, for all this week, AO10 is almost straight up overhead.  By the
weekend it is down to about 20 degs here.  But still above the trees at
our location.  What a joy that its still alive..


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