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Re: Kenwood HT's via AO-27

AO-27 (or PACSAT) Fixed Receive SIte for $88 Alinco HT:
                *      This 4'x 6'chicken wire parabolic corner reflectr
            *   |      should provide abt 12 dB gain to a horizontal HT
         *      |      at the focal point in a WX-proof plastic tube.
      *         |      The focal point (H) is 6" out from the mesh.
    *           |2'    
  * |           |      Placed on a roof facing horizon NE or NW with 
 *  |1'         |      the HT tuned to 436.805 should give strong 
 *--H-----2'----+      signals from AO-27 during the first 40% of a
 *  |1'         |      pass.  Tilting it back about 10 deg is best.
  * |           |      
    *           |2'    Run ANY length audio zip cord from the HT
    | *         |      to your shack or office.  
  1'|    *      |      
    |       *   |      Note, middle of the post is 2' from the mesh.
Although this station will only hear 40% of one pass, it will only take
Nine or so similar stations across the USA all linked into the APRServe 
system to capture everything heard on every pass over the USA!  Key
factors influencing this crazy design are:
 * $88 Alinco HT's have integral flip-up antennas with no connectors
 * No coax, or Preamps are required.  Cable run can be 100's of feet.
 * NE and NW directions favor all passes and horiz pol is best then.
 * All the gain is on the horizon with more than 90 deg of Azimuth
 * Do not flip this vertically, or the azimuth width will be too narrow.
 * Northern stations can do the same and point SE or SW and tune
   to 436.790 low doppler.
Note, hold your Kenwood THD7 HT at the focal point and connect its 
internal TNC directly to your laptop and you can easliy see any of 
the 9600 baud PACSAT links.  (But they are more vertically polarized
so this might not work well since its hard to get the HT at the focal
point and be vertical.)
WARNING.  I have not built this yet.  If anyone wants to beat me to
it, go for it and report.
de WB4APR, Bob

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