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Field Day and AO-27

Hey folks, if you're expecting to make your Field Day satellite contact on
AO-27, you can just about forget it if the satellite goes over land at all.

If you think weekends are bad, you haven't heard anything yet!

If you're working Field Day with a large group, there will probably be
equipment suitable for working at least two of the transponder birds.
Those of you regularly only working AO-27 should take this unusual
opportunity to work some other satellites while you have equipment 
available to do so.

If AO-27 is the only bird you can work (or you already have a sked), make
your *one* contact and leave room for others to operate.  If you can't 
hear AO-27, please, PLEASE, do NOT call CQ!  

Everyone else, If you have the ability to work a satellite besides AO-27,
PLEASE do so, and leave AO-27 for those who have no other choice.  NOTE: 
This especially applies to the regulars.

I hope to work at least one or two of you for the first time on one of 
the other birds!  73's and good luck!

                                -- KD6PAG
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