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Explain TEPR please

I must be like Rip Van Winkle. After 6 years I find I still do not
understand how AO-27 works. I have searched back through my old Amsat
Journals and can not find any explanation.

Chuck wrote: TEPR 4: 42
             TEPR 5: 78.

I know all the utc times for the end of eclipses.
I know the utc times of AOS and LOS of all AO-27 passes. I just need to
know when the xmtr turns on and off to compare with the AOS and LOS times.

>From my calculations it would appear that the xmtr comes ON AT THE SAME
TIME as end of eclipse and turns off 42 minutes later?
If this is so, then what is the significance of 78?

I at first thought the xmtr came on 42 minutes after the end of eclipse and
turned off 78 minutes after end of eclipse. But with those numbers I find
no overlap with above the horizon times for the satellite.

If this is all wrong, please tell me how many minutes after the end of an
eclipse until the xmtr comes on, and how many minutes does it stay on.

Thank you. ron w8gus. 
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