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                        Satellites and Field Day -

        Just a couple of observations/lessons from last year....
                    (NH6YK operating as AH6PB in BL01)

AO27 - There should be 3 or 4 or 5 stations here in Hawaii trying to work
FD stations on the mainland. If you see there is a western pass, have a
listen. We worked one California station and a couple of Hawaii stations
last year.

RS12/13 - Handy hint for the beginner (me) if you are running 15M up and
10M down and someone hears you and you hear them. Don't try to compensate
for doppler on your uplink/downlink! - the fact that they hear you and you
them is good enough :-)    (I lost a QSO by using the VHF/UHF full duplex
ideas on something that one rarely uses as full duplex :-) )
[RS12/13 is funduring FD, you can hear all the carriers going up and down
the passband as people try to find themselves. The only thing worse than a
pass where you are only talking to yourself is a pass where you are only
talking to yourself but there are 5 stations trying to figure out what to
do who can't hear you :-) :-) ]

AO10 - last year was inspirational - and a lesson. AO10 came up over the
Pacific fairly low and we had beautiful signals. As the footprint extended
over North America, and more and more users were trying / calling / making
contacts, the signals degraded... Listening to the satellite went from
"easy copy" to "struggle copy" over the course of 30-40 minutes.
My plea is to keep the power you use as low as possible as long as
possible, And optimize your RX as much as possible for FD. (good
antennas/good coax/preamp/DSP)

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but you might wish to pass it on to
those people who only attempt satellite during FD :-)

73 and aloha - ted - NH6YK in BL11aj

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