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Re: mailing list

At 09:03 AM 6/20/99 +0200, Quirino wrote:
>I even forget the string to selectively subscribe KEP and AMSAR BULLETINS
>string, can anyone remember me them ?

If you send a message with just the word "help" in the body to
majordomo@amsat.org, you'll receive by return email a detailed explanation
of the procedures.

Briefly, send commands to majordomo@amsat.org.  To subscribe to the
Keplerian elements bulletins, both NASA 2-line format and AMSAT verbose
format, send this command to majordomo@amsat.org:

subscribe keps

And/or, to subscribe to AMSAT News Service bulletins (and SpaceNews too),
send this command:

subscribe ans

You can put both commands in the same email to majordomo@amsat.org if you
want.  To stop getting the mail, use the same procedure except put
"unsubscribe" in place of "subscribe".

73  -Paul
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