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1st AO-10 QSO's

Hi Group,

I was reading the AMSAT Journal at lunch today, with particular attention to
Keith Baker's Apogee View editorial and Jerry Brown's article. After
digesting what I read (along with lunch) I was in the shack and decided to
fire up the Station program for the first time in many weeks and see what
was due to come up. Considering that I had all my satellite gear up for
sale, this was more interest than I had been able to arouse in quite awhile.
After loading fresh keps, I see that AO-10 is up (really high too, about 70
degrees), and I decide to tune around the passband and listen to the CATV
noise. Lo and behold, I hear some Q's in progress. This really gets the
fires stoked!

But then I think, is 40 watts going to do the job? Well, the only way to
know is to try. Amazingly enough, I copied my own down link. Then I started
looking for someone to chat with. Fortunately for me, I found two very
patient operators, namely Luca IW4DTP and Francesco IK0WGF. They worked with
me and my less than thundering signal, and there was much joy in the AA2BN
shack. These were my first contacts on a high altitude bird (I didn't get my
bugs worked out before AO-13 burned up) and I was really tickled. I now know
that WHEN (not if) Phase 3D gets launched, my gear's gonna work.

BTW, the satellite stuff is no longer for sale.

73 de John AA2BN

P.S.  Many thanks to Keith KB1SF and Jerry K5OE for the inspiration.

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