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WISP and KCT on WindowsNT (Windows 2000)

Hello everybody:

Does anybody have recent source code for the rotor 95/98 DLL that connects
WISP to the KCT? Im talking about the version that at least supports the
Yaesu FT-847. If someone could get me this source code I will easily and
gladly port the code over to WindowsNT and then give it back to the world. I
really need this code because I just bought WISP and the KCT only to find
oput the 32 bit code does not control the KCT on NT.

Remember: Windows2000 is a derivative of NT, not of 95/95. We will need this
DLL to move ahead.

I am totally qualified to do this job: I am a degreed computer engineer
(hardware/software), I have written dozens of DLLs and services for NT, and
I have programmed exclusively for NT for over five years.

* Mark West
* CTO, Instant Documents

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