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RE: 2 mtr 14 element ?

At 08:08 AM 6/16/1999 -0500, Don DeJarnette wrote:
>I have also found out that the Hy-Gain line of antennas from Telex has been
>I do not know to who.
Here is the info. Typos eliminated by ron w8gus.
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 07:33:16 -0500
From: Jim Shurden <jshurden@mfjenterprises.com>
Subject:  Hy-Gain Transition Period

Dear Hy-Gain Customer:

As you probably already know, MFJ Enterprises, Inc. has acquired Hy-Gain
Antennas, Rotors and Towers.  Hy-Gain will remain a separate entity
with separate management, employees and manufacturing.  The company will
continue the entire product line that is currently being produced, plus
several new products.

Currently, Hy-Gain is in the process of a minimum 4-6 week transition
period which will entail moving the facility to Starkville, MS.  Over
the transition period, we will be moving all equipment, parts, finished
product and machinery to the new Starkville, MS location. It will then take a
little more time to get everything set up and situated so we can get back
into full scale production. During this time period, we are taking
customer information  for parts, manuals and catalogs.  The information we
need is shown below:

		Name and mailing address
		Hy-Gain Model Number
		Part number for Hy-Gain product
		Quantity of each part needed
		Phone number and email address

As of now we have no parts, manuals or finished product to sell, and we
would appreciate any and all information possible. However, we have all
intentions of providing the same level and quality of Customer Service and
Support as all Hy-Gain cusotmers have known in the past. However, we would
greatly appreciate your cooperaiton and patience during this transition
period, and we look forward working with you, and taking care of all of
your Hy-Gain needs.

If however, you experience any problems, please call us at
800-647-1800 or fax us at 601-323-6551.

Thank You,
Jim Shurden
MFJ Customer Service


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