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Re: Help with AO-27

At 21:17 6/12/1999 -0400, Timothy S. Zibrat wrote:

>I'm kinda new to satellites having only worked the RS birds off and on for
>the past several years.  I would like to check out AO-27.  I've read many
>threads here about all the great contacts being made on AO-27, but I haven't
>been able to hear it.  My understanding is that all I need to receive the
>bird is an HT and a rubber duck.  I go outside for every pass I can and I
>have yet to hear the darn thing.  Is AO-27 on some type of schedule?  I'm
>listening on 436.80MHz with the squelch open and hear nothing but static
>(yes, my HT does receive ok on 440).  What gives?
>Tim Zibrat

The hard part about working AO-27 is HEARING it.  The bird has a VERY
sensitive receiver, but not much power for the downlink.  Almost every pass
has at least one station calling cq but don't reply when called. 

You hear lots of people working AO-27 using an HT.  Most of these people
use a small beam.  The Arrow is very popular and works well on this bird.
The rubber duck is almost useless for receiving AO-27.

AO-27 is only active on daylight passes over North America due to the power

Good luck...

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS
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