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Re: RE: [Amsat-bb] bulletins

thanks for the reply Dan we are all greatful for the fine job you do. I
thought that may have been the reason for the bulletins not getting out. we
will keep an eye open for them when they do come out.
thanks agian.

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From: Jeffrey S Austin <w8jsa@gte.net>
To: 'Dan James' <DanJ@marvin.com>
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Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 11:57 AM
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] RE: [Amsat-bb] bulletins

>On Saturday, June 12, 1999 12:03 PM, Dan James
>[SMTP:DanJ@marvin.com] wrote:
>: Greetings all,
>: > Greg, N0ZHE, wrote:
>: >
>: > what has happened to the ans bulletins, I have not received any
>: > for two
>: > weeks, did I mis a posting on the amsat-bb telling why?
>: > thanks, see you all on the birds.
>: >
>: This is Dan, NN0DJ, ANS Editor replying.... Greg, you are correct,
>: the ANS
>: bulletins sets have been missed by a number of people. Several
>: factors have
>: caused the recent delays, chief among them a changing position at
>: my place
>: of employment that has me traveling to various parts of the
>: at a
>: moments notice. This is the case with last weeks bulletins, they
>: were done
>: (and used on several nets) but not distributed to the reflector
>: (because I
>: was called out of town).  I returned home this morning (Saturday)
>: at 6am
>: local time.
>: Please look for the missing sets to be transmitted along with this
>: weekends
>: ANS release.
>: I apologize to the entire satellite community. Trying to juggle
>: work and
>: many of my volunteer duties has been a very frustrating thing for
>: me in the
>: last two weeks. The good news is that the work position that I
>: been
>: filling in for has been filled -- which means my regular work
>: schedule will
>: hopefully now return and everything should get back to normal.
>: This recent ANS problem underscores the need for an assistant
>: editor to
>: "pick up the ball and run with it" when I can't. I have been
>: working in that
>: regard recently with the appointment of Mike, N1JEZ, as ANS
>: Principle
>: Satellite Investigator. Mike reports on the activities of all the
>: in-orbit
>: birds (and as one of the most active and knowledgeable operators
>: around) his
>: reports are accurate and timely. In addition, I have started
>: preliminary
>: work with another individual to help  with the actual bulletins.
>: I know how important the ANS Bulletins are to many, many
>: individuals, and I
>: apologize for any inconvenience my recent actions have caused. I
>: alone
>: accept full responsibility.
>: Please look for a normal resumption of ANS bulletins sets starting
>: with this
>: weekend.
>:  --73 Dan NN0DJ--
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>Please don't worry about it. You've been doing a fantastic job and
>I'm sure that you will continue to show what AMSAT is made of. The
>paying has to come first, AMSAT isn't the one that put food on the
>table but, wouldn't it fun to work for AMSAT . . . ;-)
>Jeffrey S Austin
>Freshman Civil Engineering Student
>Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
>Old Dominion University
>Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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