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RE: [Amsat-bb] bulletins

Greetings all,

> Greg, N0ZHE, wrote:
> what has happened to the ans bulletins, I have not recieved any for two
> weeks, did I mis a posting on the amsat-bb telling why?
> thanks, see you all on the birds.
This is Dan, NN0DJ, ANS Editor replying.... Greg, you are correct, the ANS
bulletins sets have been missed by a number of people. Several factors have
caused the recent delays, chief among them a changing position at my place
of employment that has me traveling to various parts of the country at a
moments notice. This is the case with last weeks bulletins, they were done
(and used on several nets) but not distributed to the reflector (because I
was called out of town).  I returned home this morning (Saturday) at 6am
local time. 

Please look for the missing sets to be transmitted along with this weekends
ANS release.

I apologize to the entire satellite community. Trying to juggle work and
many of my volunteer duties has been a very frustrating thing for me in the
last two weeks. The good news is that the work position that I have been
filling in for has been filled -- which means my regular work schedule will
hopefully now return and everything should get back to normal. 

This recent ANS problem underscores the need for an assistant editor to
"pick up the ball and run with it" when I can't. I have been working in that
regard recently with the appointment of Mike, N1JEZ, as ANS Principle
Satellite Investigator. Mike reports on the activities of all the in-orbit
birds (and as one of the most active and knowledgeable operators around) his
reports are accurate and timely. In addition, I have started preliminary
work with another individual to help  with the actual bulletins. 

I know how important the ANS Bulletins are to many, many individuals, and I
apologize for any inconvenience my recent actions have caused. I alone
accept full responsibility. 

Please look for a normal resumption of ANS bulletins sets starting with this

 --73 Dan NN0DJ-- 

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