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Re: Anybody know about this company?

Wow! I haven't seen one of those in over a decade!  Those were one of the 
infamous "cheater" MMDS downconverters popularized in the early 80's by 73 
Magazine.  They worked great.  You used a coffee can as a feedhorn and a 30" 
aluminum snow sled for the dish, fed power to the VXO up the 75 Ohm coax, and 
controlled the IF frequency (channel 2-4 on your TV) with a variable voltage 
power supply (about 5-9 volts did the trick).  They were not temperature 
compensated, so constant tuning was required when the temp outside changed.  
MRF-901's as my memory serves.  

The first time I ever saw Showtime was on one like that.  Later models used 
an all-thread rod and a bunch of washers as reflectors--sans the dish.  I 
used to feed mine back out to my outside TV antenna and all my neighbors 
would watch by pointing their antennas at mine.  I discontinued that practice 
when I realized I was illegally transmitting stolen property--I was much 
younger then :-)

I have often though that it would be a piece of cake to take one of those and 
use 6 meters as the IF.  Anybody know why that wouldn't work?

Jerry, K5OE

kd4dla@AMSAT.Org writes:
> I was updating my bookmarks tonight and ran across thisone that a friend
>  had sent me sometime ago and hadn't really checked them out till now.
>  http://www.connectrix.com/
>  I found this webpage on their site for a 1.8 to 2.5 Ghz reciver for 34
>  dollars:
>  http://www.connectrix.com/catalog/microwav/miccat.htm
>  James KD4DLA
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