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Amsat ostracising potential help ?

From: Dave Cawley
Cambridge  England
Tel.  +44 1440 820040
Fax. +44 1440 820281


Previous e-mail
> (I am an) Amsat member under a pseudonym, 'cos AMSAT UK refused to let me
join !
>Reply.  And I agreed with that decision - still do  < Richard W L Limebear

Richard, even Ron Broadbent has suggested "let bygones be bygones".  I'm
shocked by your attitude !  I believe AMSAT is floundering and so too is
amateur radio, we need to push the hobby in an open way to young people.  I
believe single minded obsession with Phase 3D and packet satellites is a
wrong way to go.  Also I'm not happy with the proliferation of almost
inaccessible satellites from universities, why the secrecy ?

I have done more than most, to introduce young people into satellite
technology and I was first interested in radio at the age 9.  I'm sad to see
the way things are going.


G4IUG  Ex G8EAO  Ex G6ANG/T  30 years !

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