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Re: Thank you WB6FZH/KH6

In a message dated 6/8/1999 9:55:17 AM US Mountain Standard Time, K5OE writes:

<< Ditto here on the comments regarding Greg's exemplary behavior.  He was 
also my first KH6 contact:  CW on FO-20.  He stayed with me through a series 
of failed attempts over a three week period until I got my antennas just 
right to be able to work FO-20 at just a few degrees.   He also gave me the 
reference for my eventual contact in KL7 on the same bird:  AL7JK.   >>



Nah.... let's embarrass him.  He deserves it.  

At first, quite frankly, I didn't remember the contact.  But when I went back 
to my micro cassette tape, there he was, loud and clear...... except for one 
letter in his call that I couldn't make out.  When it occurred, I listened to 
that portion of the tape at least 15 times and tried several combinations.   
It's interesting to listen to the differences between my recording and his 
recording.  (Both are available on WAV files if anyone wants copies BTW!)

If he hadn't taken the time, effort and expense to send me the items, I 
wouldn't have my first offshore contact.  

Take a bow Greg........

Gerry, K1LRO

PS:  SSVT from MIR:  anyone have a primer that can point me towards?!

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