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Recommended MIR UI procedures.

Final UI recommendation for dumb terminal operation:

Based on lessons learned during this weeks informal HT-via-MIR tests,here
is the simplest recommendation of how to send a UI frame that everyone can
see including the HT users:

UNPROTO:  Using UNPROTO is simply NOT CONNECTING to anyone, but going
straight to CONVERSE mode.  THen anything you type is transmitted as a UI
packet. Here are some guidelines to use:

1)  Put CQ or APRS in your UNPROTO like this:   UNPROTO APRS VIA R0MIR

2)  Run QRP 5 watts or less.  You can hit MIR with 1/4 watt.  By
running low power, you wont interferre with the VIP stations that may need
access to the MIR BBS.  But you will get through JUST FINE if the 
channel is clear at the instant you transmit.  Be courteous.  If channel
is real busy or BBS is in use, then hold off.

3)  The two easiest APRS formats that the Kenwood HT will receive are:

    POSITION/STATUS:   Send this:     !DDMM.mmN/DDDMM.mmW-status
                       where  DDMM.mmN is latitude
                             DDDMM.mmW is longitude
                       Status is any 20 additional characters

    BULLETIN:          Send this:     :BLN#.....:Here is your text
                       Where you begin with  :BLN#xxxxx:
                       where # is a sequential number
                       and then any 5 more characters and a colon ":" 
                       Then the rest of your bulletin (one line up to
                       45 chars)

Notice, that a BEACON TEXT is also a UI packet.  You might save the
frustration of re-typing these lines by just loading one into your BText,
and letting the TNC send it.

STOP SENDING once you see your packet digipeated by MIR.  Everyone else
will have seen it too, so there is no need to repeat it.  This LAT/LONG
format is much simpler than the compressed Mic-E format I posted earlier.
Also, in years past we had recommended using Grid Square in your UNPROTO
TO call.  This does NOT work for the THD7, since it must see CQ or APRS.
Since there are so many THD7's out there, making MIR Demo's trivial to do,
we thought we would ask everyone to go to UI formats that the THD7 can

de WB4APR, Bob

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