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Re: Re: Ham radio?


I'm not sure that talk of a digipeat/bent pipe subsystem has been
discussed, although the idea of a constellation of small sats has. 
Iridium has done just that.

The nice thing about a 4 year lag in time, is that students at the think
tanks, and many of the faculty have changed.  New blood, new ideas, new

In order to get a project of this magnitude off the ground,  the first
step would have, of course, to be the specification stage.  Here is
where the device is specified and the exact use is nailed down.  

The next phase would be the most fun.  It would involve a competition to
see who develops the best system.  The competition could be open and
invitations extended to any college or university (or high school) with
the desire to produce a space ready device.  At the end of the
competition, a panel of experts from the various AMSAT organizations
would pick the best system(s) and award honors and a substantial cash

The winning design team(s) would then be commissioned to create a
blueprint of their device.  Plans and specifications would then be
farmed out to the other competing teams around the world for
fabrication.  The satellite as I see it will not be either large or
complex, and in short order we would have a flotilla of flying toasters
ready for launch around the world.

One of the beauties of this project would be the assembled location of
these devices.  If a launch opportunity arose, one of them would already
be sitting in the launch country, and export restrictions and
bureaucratic entanglements would not exist.

Even though certain aspects of a similar project have been espoused
before, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be said again, only loUDER! 
Columbus spoke to several kings before he found one with the vision to
commission his armada.  With the recent proliferation of launch agencies
world wide, the opportunity to bring such a plan to fruition has NOT
existed before.  We are on the cusp of a new era, an era where amateur
space technology could and SHOULD flourish.  (Or not).  It's our
choice!  What's your choice?  Mine?  You haven't heard the last of me. 

73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL

Richard W L Limebear wrote:
> Bob Bruninga writes:
> > This is just so easy, and there are so many schools that want to "build"
> > satellites for their students to learn, and this project woiuld give
> > everyone a "usable" payload, and a frequency plan from the git-go.
> This has been said before. Go to your bookshelves and get down the Amsat-NA
> Symposium 1996 proceedings and read pp 42-51.
> Not many people listened then either.

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