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Re: Ham radio?

On Sat, 5 Jun 1999, KF4FDJ (Mike) said VERY WELL: (edited here)

> If we built MANY of these birds... to keep a steady stream of such birds
> constantly hitching rides.
> They could operate on the same frequency, for the APRS digipeater, and a
> standardized 2m/70 cm split for voice...  mobile and handheld APRS
> operators would have reliable coverage, several times per day....

At first, 70 cm as an uplink seems to require doppler tracking by the
user, but if the satellite simply had a 30 KHz wide IF, then FM would get
through just fine without doppler compensation.  Only penalty would be
about 3 dB in link budget.  But the ground user can afford the added 
3 dB uplink power.

The 2m downlink is required due to the 9 dB advantage.  This reduces the
XMIT Power needed by the tiny satellite.  AND the small doppler on 2m,
then does not require the users to have wide band receivers or to track

This is just so easy, and there are so many schools that want to "build"
satellites for their students to learn, and this project woiuld give
everyone a "usable" payload, and a frequency plan from the git-go.

de WB4APR, Bob

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