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Re: AM-6154/AM-6155 Amps available--any good?

I have 3 of these amps. They are not very hard to convert at all. 432 is the
most difficult but you get a
pretty big bang for the buck. List below shows what I get out of mine into a
dummy load with Bird wattmeter.

2 meters = AM6154  10 watts in gives 600 pep out
220 MHz = AM6155  10 watts in gives 600 pep out
432 MHz = AM6155  10 watts in gives 550 pep out

These amps were originally used at 10 watts in/50 watts out continuous AM
73 de Tony,  KD4K
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Subject: AM-6154/AM-6155 Amps available--any good?

>      I see some surplus FAA power amplifiers on eBay (111825356 and
> type AM 6154 and AM 6155.  Apparently these can be converted to 144 MHz
and 432
> MHz (220 MHz too?).
>      I was wondering how difficult the conversion is and how much power I
> expect?  Could someone who has done a conversion let me know how well
> turned out on 144/432?  Are there any special problems in getting them
> Thanks in advance!
> de Randy, W7HR
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