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here is a great opportunity for us to help some of the school kids.

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The Space shuttle will launch a satellite called Starshine at 11:20pm tonight our time it is a 19" satellite covered with mirrors. It is expected to stay in orbit for about 8 months. They have called upon the ham radio community to assist by providing WWV time and ticks to students should they call. The students have been told how to find a HAM in their location by looking us up on the WEB in a Call Sign data base, One of the project leaders is a HAM. The students will be trying to spot the satellite and calculate its orbit information. For the a complete description and project information goto www.azinet.com/starshinealso click on how to track starshine then click on both Beginner and intermediate guide to track starshine. You should end up at a page that you can key in your city and it will give a list of all visible satellites and the time its expected to pass....Starshine is not listed as of 7.51pm PDT as I assume because it is still aboard the Space Shuttle.

After you have checked it out on the WEB or NASA TV etc pass the info along to others.

73's Bob KF6BFW

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