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DSP-2232 & FT-847

Hi All,

Several months ago I tried to get my Yaesu FT-847 to work the 9600 baud
Microsats with my AEA DSP-2232.  After a lot of time spent I got frustrated
and moved on to something else.  (It is a hobby after all!!)  Well, I am
going to try and get this working yet!

Here's the setup and the problem.  I am only working with the 9600 baud
sats.  I have not even tried the 1200 baud sats.  FT-847 is controlled by a
Kansas City Tracker/Tuner card.  This all works fine.  I am using
registered WiSP (32 bit) version.  I receive the sat fine but, the sat can
not hear me.  Even on overhead passes.

I know there is a documented problem with low output from the FT-847 packet
port.  I have made the various mods to the DSP-2232.  That's the R201,
R203, R80 changes.  I still can't seem to get the sats to hear me.

Anyone have any info on mod's to the FT-847 or other mods to the DSP-2232?
I would love to hear from someone using the same setup and see what you
have done.

Thanks for your time.

Lee, N4GLB

Lee Barnett
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