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Re: Ham radio?

Bob and the gang. Yes it is hard to impress some people, especially they
guys with great cool little cell phones, that their company is paying for,
if they were paying the bills then they would think our free communications
would be cool. I have been in he cell phone industry now for several years,
and I can tell you this. You are never going to impress these kind of guys
with VHF/UHF. Remember the cell phone industry has billions of dollars at
it's finger tips, and millions of subscribers. Amsat cant even get Phase II
ID of the ground, nor are they likely too. The time has come that a launch
cost $$$ and if you aint got it, you anit going!

If you want to impress someone then get on HF. Last week an FBI agent I
know stopped by to see me, he comes over now and then to see what gadgets I
have that they don't. I showed him my Alinco DJ-C5 mini HT, he was
impressed! so he went out and bought one, I told him how to make the mod so
it would work on his frequencys, now he tells me his office is going to buy
20 of them.

Also while he was here, I turned on my HF rig, and worked a Russian on
RTTY, with no effort at all, again he was impressed.

73 Dave KB9BNR

At 11:37 PM 6/3/99 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>HAM Radio Lesson?
>Thus, we gotta DO something with HAM radio, not just HAVE one...  One 
>idea is that we need more AMSATS that are designed for the mobile, 
>portable and remote traveler use.  We are on the road.  Thats when we 
>need to communicate (for real or for fun).
>de WB4APR, Bob
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