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Re: [aprssig] Ham radio?


On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> have become.  LESSON to me was that you will never impress the public
> with an HT anymore.  (Yes, these were not HAM radios, but FRS radios


> Thus, we gotta DO something with HAM radio, not just HAVE one...  One 
> idea is that we need more AMSATS that are designed for the mobile, 
> portable and remote traveler use.  We are on the road.  Thats when we 
> need to communicate (for real or for fun).
> de WB4APR, Bob

Bob, I think that the hobby lost the lead in "providing communications" at
the beggining of the 90's with the introduction of cheap wired/wireless
Today's hobby will probably go through a paradigm change over the next few
years, and it will be interesting to see how it reshapes for the future.

I strongly support the introduction of new concepts for satellites. Today's
satellites have started to replicate each others capabilities, even though
the educational experience building them is never invane.
With the launch of the P3D (soon), I think that the community will
be open for new ideas/concepts for satellites. 
I think that one of the best ideas I have seen lately was: satellites
for MOBILE communications.  Most of the satellite designs up to now require
"oscar class" stations, which eliminated real mobile/portable operation.
With the technologies available today, I believe that it is possible to
design a microsat class sc that will enable operation with a patch/dipole
antenna, and low power. 
I do not know if a APRS only satellite would be a good idea, but a satellite
(maybe even a few scattered satellites) can introduce a new communications
mode for mobile/portable users sounds like a fascinating challange!

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