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UO-36 update

The UO-36 38k4 downlink has been switched on permanently, thus allowing
amateurs worldwide to experiment with 38k4 reception.  The downlink is
currently on 437.025MHz although this will move in the near future to the
nominal downlink frequency of 437.400MHz (which is currently still
transmitting at 9600bd).

Presently the BBS is still closed while commissioning continues.  Currently
we are commissioning the S band high speed downlink at rates between 128kb/s
and 1Mb/s and stations who share covisibility with Surrey may be able to
receive this downlink on 2401MHz during some passes over Surrey.

The satellite is soon to enter a period of no eclipse and this will increase
the satellite temperatures considerably over the next week.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
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