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Re: Yaesu FT-847, MFJ-1278B, KCT and Wisp


I don't know about your TNC/Modem combo, but with the Paccomm, and my
847, tie both 9600 and 1200 lines together and feed the 9600 line on the
847 (both are available on the PKT port).  The Paccomm modem has an
option for modems joined, or separate.  I chose joined.  Now, when I
have menu 23 set to 9600, it works with both 1200 and 9600.

Since the KCT tuner option, and the COM port both have data out lines
strapped together, make sure to put a diode on both those lines before
strapping them together on the cable going to the CAT connector on the
847.  This will keep one data out from interfering with the other.  The
.4V drop doesn't seem to affect the logic voltage.

I used a breakout box from Radio Shack for the DB25 on the KCT, pulling
line 18 (data out) through a diode and strapping it with the data out on
the COMM port (which also goes through a diode first) to data in on the
CAT interface. The data in lines (10 on KCT and data in on the COMM
port) are strapped together in the breakout box.

The reason I am being so ambiguous with the data in and at out lines on
the COMM/CAT connectors, is because if you already have the CAT cable
working, you will already have a null modem cable, which has lines 2 and
3 swapped.  If not, plan, draw, and solder accordingly.  Think this
aspect through carefully.  Data outs, strapped together from the KCT and
COMM port go to the data in port on the PKT connector.  Likewise, the
converse for data in ...

Actually, I didn't use a breakout box for the DB9, but a female and a
male db9 and metalized hoods.

Here are the Shack numbers I used:

1)	276-1403 RS-232 serial jumper box
1)	276-1538c female 9 position solder type DB9
1)	276-1537c male 9 position solder type DB9
2)	276-1513 metalized hood
1)	276-1101a 50V, 1A micromini silicon diodes (2)

I used some shielded wire I had to bring the lines over from the
breakout box to what now amounts to a Y adapter with a diode soldered
inline beneath the metalized hood.  I wrapped the wires with a little
electrical tape to fit tight in the hood ferules, and then heat shrinked
them.  Slip the heatshrink over BEFORE you solder the lines. :-)

Make the KCT work with the Yaesu interface FIRST.  Then make the modems
work.  THEN use the breakout boxes to strap the lines together to make
the KCT tuner work.

I hope this helps a little.  The books are of little use when the
equation gets this complex.

Jeff, KB2WQM has been a great help in getting all this going, and in
fact took a trip down here (he lives in NJ) just to help me get things
going (and of course talk on my satellite station).  The diode trick was
his idea.  He also has a trick for selecting MEM addresses in the KCT if
you plan to use more than one driver (i.e. Station and WISP)  The
drivers AREN'T removed from memory when you exit the program, and the
chattering as the two drivers fight for control of your rotator will
unnerve you!  Another Jeff trick: when you program Satellite memory 1,
set the baud rate to 9600 and save it with the memory.  This must be a
quirk witht he 847.  Thanks Jeff for ALL your expertise.  I'll find a
way to repay you some day!

Maybe you can help me write a FAQ we can post on the AMSAT site when
you're done.  This is a complex problem, with NO easy answer.  Go fight
your wars, let us know when you're done!

73, Mike

markw@instantdocuments.com wrote:
> I need help with connecting my Yaesu FT-847 to my MFJ-1278B, also involved
> will be the KCT and Wisp.
> I just got an MFJ-1278B and the optional 9600 baud modem that fits inside.
> I need wiring diagrams , there are many options for wiring and I can't make
> heads or tails.
> Specifically the Yaesu 847 has 'Data in/out' and 'PKT' connectors on the
> back, I need to know how to interface both of these to my MFJ-1278B. I want
> to try all modes eventually.
> - Thanks in advance
> - Mark West

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