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RE VX-5 now AO-27 use.

In a message dated 6/2/1999 12:34:39 PM US Mountain Standard Time, Milcom1 

<< Gerry....not real questions, just haven't seen anyone talking up any of 
these radios.   I sent my VX-5 back to yaesu for the speaker howl 
problem,waitig for its return. >>

Sorry to hear that.  I've had mine since April when I was first licensed and 
use it regularly... almost daily.  It's wide RX makes it useful for 
everything from listening to HF to listening to the local TV stations to 
normal VHF/UHF usage.  I take a bus to work from the suburbs of PHX to 
downtown and wouldn't be without it.  

I also used it this weekend to make about 6 contacts on A0-27.  My only 
complaint is that I can't call on one VFO and simultaneously listen on the 
other.  That makes working the satellites more of a challenge since I can't 
hear my own signal.  (Or, if there is a way to do this and I missed it, 
please tell me!!!)   

I used an "arrow antenna" BTW.

Best wishes,
Gerry, K1LRO
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