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Re: [Fwd: Re: LAN noise?]

At 09:21 AM 6/1/99 -0400, Al Lawler wrote:
>I used to get RF pickup from the keyboard, but that eas easilly cured with 
>a ferrite bead,  although this would probably degrade the performance of a 
>lan cable...)

In my experience, twisted pair LAN cables work just fine with ferrite beads 
on them.  When I wired my house, I put ferrite beads around the cat-5 cable 
behind every wall jack.  I also put them on the cables at the hub end 
before I crimped on the connector.  I bought a huge bag of ferrite beads at 
a swapmeet once that fit nicely over the cat-5 cable.  Also fit nicely over 
the burglar alarm cables.
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