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Re: Re: From KITSAT Team] Thanks to you!

From: Dave Cawley
Cambridge  England
Tel.  +44 1440 820040
Fax. +44 1440 820281

>>> they explain all, and they also have a 2.2 Ghz downlink

>  OK, I give up, exactly where do they explain all about the 2.2Ghz link,
>  I'm  sure it's in there (or is it).  From the UK this is a very slow
>  Help ?
>  Dave
>  G4IUG

***You're not alone.  I looked for about 20 minutes before I gave up.

***73, Jerry

Am I missing something here ??????????????  Own up guys, just what is
happening ?  And what frequencies are really used for what ?

And, if Phase 3D is on hold, will there ever be another analogue elliptical
orbit AMSAT ?  If not, why don't we get these clever university guys to
build us poor amateurs a satellite ?  We give them enough help, don't we ?

Even more confused,  Dave  G4IUG

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