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Re: antenna rig and Lightning

Hmm,  I have never disconnected anything for over 20 years and have never
had a lightning induced problem from either the antenna,power or phone
lines.  Of course everything has the best surge protectors and ups system I
can afford and all are hooked to a central common point ground.

My opinion is if you have everything connected to surge protectors and
grounded CORRECTLY, you will not have any problems  except from maybe a
direct strike and even with everything disconnected you may lose equipment
from that.


Demos KR4US
Tampa Bay Florida, Lightning Capital of the States

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>My two cents worth.
>I have a fused disconnect box on my operating desk which opens everything
>from the power mains with one throw of the knife switches.  I disconnect
>all coax leads during bad weather.  I disconnect my modem (internal) from
>the phone line and I unplug the PC at the wall socket.  HOWEVER, I forgot
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