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RS-13 Robot ops

Greetings all

The robot aboard RS-13 is active on the 29.504 downlink. 
You can hear the robot calling CQ and announcing the uplink
frequency of 145.840 CW. 

To work the robot, simply send your call sign and the end of
message AR.  An example would be...

"RS 13 DE AB2CJ AR" 

If the robot hears your call, it will respond with a short message
including a QSO number ( sent twice) and 73. The QSO number
can be used to obtain a QSL. 

Radio Sport Federation
BOX 88

If your using a straight key, try to send as cleanly as possible, an 
electronic keyer and paddle work best. 

If your CW skills are rusty, the robot might ask for a RPT (repeat)
or QRZ...if that happens , simply call the robot again. You can call
the robot as many times as you like , but  be sure to leave a pause
between calls.. another op might be waiting to use it. 

The robot will respond in CW at the speed at which you send, 
so try and stay with a CW speed that you can copy well.  I've 
experimented with speeds as fast as 30 wpm and as slow as 
15 wpm... the robot seems to respond well within this range.
If your not sure of your morse code abilities, use a tape recorder... 
if you miss anything, you can always rewind and hit play hi. 

73, Tony

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