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FW: KITSAT-3 launch

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Sent:	Tuesday, May 25, 1999 10:04 PM
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Subject:	KITSAT-3 launch


This is the KITSAT command ground station.
Thank you for your reply. KITSAT-3 is not a amateur satellite and not using 
ham frequencies.
You can find more information on KITSAT-3 from our web site below


As we have only one groundstation located in south Korea,
and the first contact will be around 8 hours after the launch from our 
However, the downlink beacon will be truned on
at 3 hours and 30 mins after separation(launch time + 03:48).

If someone in the world(who may be using KITSAT-1 and 2) could listen to 
the signal in this period,
please let us know that our bird is alive in space.

The frequency is 401.375MHz.

This will be great relieve and we will confirm our initial keplerian
elements at the earlier stage.

KITSAT-3 will be launched at 06:22UTC May 26th from India.

Your collaboration will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

PS-- We don't use ax.25 but use the self-develped protocol.

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