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Strange Object ?

I was in Joshua Tree National Park this past Saturday working on an Astrophysics experiment for my senior lab.  I took three friends with me on this trip.  I told them to keep an eye out for satellites.  My friend (Timica) spotted an orange colored "satellite" that was moving very slowly in the sky.  Eventually, all four of us were able to see it.  At closer inspection it appeared to move with retrograde motion.  Later, we even saw it make small circles in the sky about 1
degree of arc.  Then I decided to turn the telescope on it for a closer look.  I saw it pass through the field of view; it definitely took on a very orange color though it did not appear to be luminous
itself.  My friend Misty actually saw it make the circles in the telescope.  I ruled out the possibility that it could be a satellite because a satellite cannot stop in the middle of the sky and turn back (it is traveling ~ 20,000 mph).  If anyone has any ideas as to what this could possibly be please respond, and feel free to pass it on to anyone else who might have some ideas.

p.s. Hearsat net people please e-mail medirectly
instead of using the reflector(I am not subscribed)

                                                                                                                          73's KQ6UP

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