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Re: KITSAT-3 launch

Quoting Dave Cawley (Timestep@dial.pipex.com) [990525 17:18]:
> It's not the logistics that baffle me, it's the philosophy.  Which is
> better, lot's of small satellites, or no big ones ?  The answer is neither
> of course.  And was OSCAR 13 so big ?


You say that as though AMSAT is planning these launches. In fact,
Universities around the world are building "microsats" and getting them
launched as small "hitchikers" on regular launches. Most are small
enough that an astronaut/cosmonaut could "roll down the window" on a
shuttle mission and let them go by hand!

It's good for their programs that they are successful in getting them
launched and it's GREAT for hams like us to be able to use them. I
don't think we can have "too many" small or large sats.

But P3D is in an entirely different category in terms of size and
required orbit.

As for size, P3D looks like 500Kg. AO-13 was 92Kg plus 50Kg of fuel so
you will have to detrmine if AO-13 was "big" or small by comparison.

I understand what you are saying -- we hear of new launches everyday and
wish P3D was one of them. When it is finally launched it is going to 
be an amazing piece of amateur technology, ingenuity, and sweat ... plus 
a little cash but it is going to be the premiere vehicle for the amateur 
sat community for years to come!

Vy 73,
Jeff Davis, N9AVG
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