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Re: antenna rig

Your antennas should be grounded if possible, and I would suggest you do it
the best way you can to get the most protection from it, but my thoughts
are, if lightning were to strike your antennas, anything connected to them
will be damaged.  Solid state electronics, especially low voltage
microprocessors, can't take voltage spikes.  With the high voltage of
lightning, the ground will not carry all of it.  What grounding may get you
is enough protection that your house may not burn down.  My suggestion is
unplug all equipment from antennas and outlets, and never operate during a
storm, and  then maybe you want loose your radio's to it.
good luck
Phil N5PF

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From: Gerhard Paul <df6sw@fto.de>
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Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 3:33 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] antenna rig

>hello to everyone,
>as a newcomer in the satellite field, I have what I call a circular
>polarized antenna rig presently consisting:
>- vertical mast
>- horizontal elevation rotor beam
>    these two elements made of glassfiber reinforced plastic tubular
>material, i.e. non-conductive material
>- combined elevation-azimuth rotor
>- 2 m crossed yagi
>- 70 cm crossed yagi
>This rig is now to be completed by the coax cables, two for each antenna.
>It is claimed that mast and elevation rotor boom must be of non-conductive
>material. If these two elements were of conductive material, say aluminum,
>this would make possible detrimental interaction between the two yagi
>As a consecuence thereof, it is also claimed that the four coax cables must
>hang down from the rar ends of the antennas in loops of adequate size. If
>they were attached along the antenna boom  and further along the elevation
>rotor boom to the mast, this would offset the effect achieved by using
>non-conductive material for mast and elevation rotor boom, all the more so
>as I have in mind to attach a small diameter copper tube or rod parallel to
>the mast as a lightning protector.
>I should very much appreciate any comments, suggestions and advice from
>experienced operators. Thank you.
>Gerd, DF6SW
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