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RE AO-27

I'm one of the new guys who watched the demo at Dayton. (Thanks KK5YY!)

This weekend's objective was to simply hear AO-27 on the late morning pass.  
I guess something went right!  It was spotty which I attribute to operator 
difficulties, namely me.

On the noon pass, the max elevation was 13 degrees so I didn't have much hope 
of hearing it but I did have some success including a call from Hawaii.... I 
think....lots of noise from being just outside of the Phoenix metro area.

Question:  I am using a Yaesu VX-5 HT.  The smallest VFO synthesizer step 
that the radio will support is 5 khz.  How does this compare to other HT's?   

Gerry Elam, K1LRO
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