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G-5400B output voltages

Has anyone ever bothered to check on the actual output voltage levels of'
the G-5400B rotator on pin 1, vertical (elevation) and pin 6, horizontal
(Azimuth)? I am having problems in which I need to confirm whether it is
the rotator box or the KCT board. Maximum range on the elevation provides
about 3.5 volts and about 4-4.5 voltage for azimuth. My assumption was that
this voltage should be about 5 volts when at maximum rotation. Paralleling
a variable pot in the place of the rotator internal units produced the same

I never bothered to check my unit when it was working to have a reference
value. Any observation on someone's working unit for the actual output
would be appreciated. The meters read correctly on the settings. Suspect
a possible ADC chip on the KCT board, but want to be sure of the 'normal'
output voltages on the rotator control box first.


Reid Bristor,  WA4UPD
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