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Re: Helical array (was ... well never mind)

As Elmer Fudd would say, "Be vewy vewy caeful using 9913 wigid."

All jokes aside, 9913 "rigid" with air dielectric *will* get water in it.
There is *no* amount of water-proofing you can do to keep it out.  I work as
a telecom electrician for an electric utility here in the SE and I have
begun noticing what other telecom electricians with more experience have
been telling me - replace the 9913 air-dielectric.

Terry, if the stuff you are getting is foam dielectric, that should be fine,
I just want you to be aware of the properties of 9913 "rigid."  I use 9913F
here at the house - it has a foam dielectric and I have not *yet* had a
problem with it.

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Helical array (was ... well never mind)

>On 1999-05-22 kf4fdj@AMSAT.Org said:
>   >CC: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>   >60 feet of coax is yours.  I have the rigid 9913, and it is not a
>   >good idea to use it to the rotatable array.  I use a section of
>   >9913 flex, and some good quality N connectors.  So, tell me exactly
>   >how much you need, (of the 9913 rigid) and I'll cut it and get it
>   >coming your way.  I have some of the new 2 piece, "solder on" N
>   >connectors (I love them!) they are silver/teflon/gold pin, and go
>   >on like PL259 connectors.  I can throw a couple of them in the lot
> Thank you Mike!
> Whew you guys sure are helpful. From the outside wall to the top of the
> School Roof it is about 60 feet. I am not sure what kind of bending
> Radius the 9913 (rigid) has so I do not know how much to add on to the
> length? I would guess from where the coax enters the utility room from
> the outside duct (They have an MTV System on the Roof) it would be another
> 15 feet tops. I can run the 9913 straight to the operating station desk
> using the exsisting electrical trough that the TV stuff comes in. I wonder
> if it's ok just to use the standard RG-8/U on those "N" connectors for
> both ends (station and Antenna)?
>   >also.  I've got a lot of aluminum, different lengths and diameters;
>   >yours if you need any of it.  Bill Briles, W0OQC suggests buying a
>   >garden rake on a fiberglass handle from Home Depot, and cutting off
>   >the rake.  He says they make great non-conductive cross booms.
> The Garden rake Idea is Super! I will pick that up tomorrow morning
> and do just that. A friend of mine tells me not to worry too much about
> the elevation control, just fix mount them about 20 -30 degrees above
> the horizon, does this sound right to you? If So I am wondering if it
> would more advantages to build a small 3 element quad instead of a
> Yagi for two meters?
> I can Pay for the shipping and if you need an offical request from
> the District School Office I can get them to mail you one. Either
> Way my mailing/shipping Address is good in the callbook.
> Tomorrow afternoon when my wife takes her afternoon nap I am going
> to finish building a powersupply for the 2 m/70 cm Amplifiers. The
> amps both run up to about 100 watts SSB/CW so I have a 60 Amp
> regulated powersupply nearly finished.
> Thanks Once again Mike, and your concerns about my wife did not go
> un-noticed. When we both learned about what she was facing it was
> very difficult to accept, Lost my dad to Cancer a few years ago and
> was scared stiff to lose my best friend/Wife to it. Fortunately
> they appear to have caught it very early so other then the normal
> sickness from the chemo and radiation (Hair falling out) we seem to
> be on the way to recovery. Sure made me re-evaluate my lifestyle
> and priorities.
> 73
> Terry
> P.S. Also happen to love CW/QRP as well!
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