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Re: Helical array (was ... well never mind)

On 1999-05-22 kf4fdj@AMSAT.Org said:
   >CC: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org

   >60 feet of coax is yours.  I have the rigid 9913, and it is not a
   >good idea to use it to the rotatable array.  I use a section of
   >9913 flex, and some good quality N connectors.  So, tell me exactly
   >how much you need, (of the 9913 rigid) and I'll cut it and get it
   >coming your way.  I have some of the new 2 piece, "solder on" N
   >connectors (I love them!) they are silver/teflon/gold pin, and go
   >on like PL259 connectors.  I can throw a couple of them in the lot

 Thank you Mike!

 Whew you guys sure are helpful. From the outside wall to the top of the
 School Roof it is about 60 feet. I am not sure what kind of bending
 Radius the 9913 (rigid) has so I do not know how much to add on to the
 length? I would guess from where the coax enters the utility room from
 the outside duct (They have an MTV System on the Roof) it would be another
 15 feet tops. I can run the 9913 straight to the operating station desk
 using the exsisting electrical trough that the TV stuff comes in. I wonder
 if it's ok just to use the standard RG-8/U on those "N" connectors for
 both ends (station and Antenna)?

   >also.  I've got a lot of aluminum, different lengths and diameters;
   >yours if you need any of it.  Bill Briles, W0OQC suggests buying a
   >garden rake on a fiberglass handle from Home Depot, and cutting off
   >the rake.  He says they make great non-conductive cross booms.

 The Garden rake Idea is Super! I will pick that up tomorrow morning
 and do just that. A friend of mine tells me not to worry too much about
 the elevation control, just fix mount them about 20 -30 degrees above
 the horizon, does this sound right to you? If So I am wondering if it
 would more advantages to build a small 3 element quad instead of a
 Yagi for two meters?

 I can Pay for the shipping and if you need an offical request from
 the District School Office I can get them to mail you one. Either
 Way my mailing/shipping Address is good in the callbook.

 Tomorrow afternoon when my wife takes her afternoon nap I am going
 to finish building a powersupply for the 2 m/70 cm Amplifiers. The
 amps both run up to about 100 watts SSB/CW so I have a 60 Amp
 regulated powersupply nearly finished.

 Thanks Once again Mike, and your concerns about my wife did not go
 un-noticed. When we both learned about what she was facing it was
 very difficult to accept, Lost my dad to Cancer a few years ago and
 was scared stiff to lose my best friend/Wife to it. Fortunately
 they appear to have caught it very early so other then the normal
 sickness from the chemo and radiation (Hair falling out) we seem to
 be on the way to recovery. Sure made me re-evaluate my lifestyle
 and priorities.


 P.S. Also happen to love CW/QRP as well!


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