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Re: Getting P3D out of the US


Freedom of speech is great.  No one in their right mind would argue that.  But
freedom of speech needs to be tempered with common sense.  If your freedom of
speech leads to open arguments on the BBS (I know that is hard to imagine) and
the people who decide whether or not to provide a launch vehicle for Phase III D
decide that we are not worth the effort, what have you accomplished?  These
negotiations need to be conducted in private, by the AMSAT officials who have
all of the facts, not argued in public by someone venting his anger on the BBS,
and who has no idea of what is involved in these negotiations.

As Russ stated, the AMSAT officials are ASKING for your input.  Send it to them.
Do not try to impress everyone else on the BBS with your freedom of speech.  Use
some common sense and do not risk ruining what the AMSAT team has worked so
hard, for such a long time, to accomplish.

If you do not have anything constructive, or intelligent to say, do the rest of
us a favor and keep it off the BBS.  Your statement below was neither
constructive, or intelligent.

>>>>>This was *America* the last time I checked...not North Korea (where
opinions and views of the masses are suppressed daily).<<<<<<


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From: Garie Halstead <k8kfj@wvinter.net>
To: Russ Tillman <kc5jvb@magnolia.net>
Cc: Terry Bendell <terryb@bmts.com>; amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Date: May 20, 1999 15:17
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Getting P3D out of the US

>On Thursday, 20 May 1999, Russ Tillman wrote:
>> Rather, may I strongly suggest comments regarding current and/or future
>> AMSAT efforts should be forwarded to one of the AMSAT Strategy team members.
>> Currently these folks are in the middle of a very tough task of trying to
>> chart AMSAT's course for the next five years. They are looking for member
>> info and comments on what we should be doing.  Please transmit and not
>> broadcast!
>"Please transmit and not broadcast"????????
>Russ, did I interpret the above paragraph correctly?  Are you suggesting
>that Terry and others do not have the right to air their opinions and
>views on this Bulletin Board (simply because their views may differ from
>your own or AMSATs)?
>I certainly hope I'm wrong because I'm a big "Freedom of Speech"
>advocate.  This was *America* the last time I checked...not North Korea
>(where opinions and views of the masses are suppressed daily).
>Terry has the right to say whatever he wants (as long as it's within the
>guidelines of this BB).  I may not agree with his views either
>concerning the future of P3D but none of us has the right to attempt to
>shut him up, OK?
>> This echo is read by lots of
>> non-AMSAT folks associated with making decisions on our launch opportunity
>> and I dare say that their access to this type of talk doesn't help our
>> position.
>Nevertheless, Terry has the right to be heard (opposing view or not).
>You can't muzzle someone's right to his/or her freedom of speech simply
>because it may step on the toes of others.  If they're that
>thin-skinned, they shouldn't be in the position they're in anyway
>I personally don't agree with the psychology of the KKK...but they can
>still obtain a Parade Permit and march down my street with their
>placards expressing their views.  It's called FREEDOM Russ.  Live with
>73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*
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