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Re: Getting P3D out of the US

>On Thursday, 20 May 1999, Russ Tillman wrote:
>> Rather, may I strongly suggest comments regarding current and/or future
>> AMSAT efforts should be forwarded to one of the AMSAT Strategy team
>> Currently these folks are in the middle of a very tough task of trying to
>> chart AMSAT's course for the next five years. They are looking for member
>> info and comments on what we should be doing.  Please transmit and not
>> broadcast!

>Russ, did I interpret the above paragraph correctly?  Are you suggesting
>that Terry and others do not have the right to air their opinions and
>views on this Bulletin Board (simply because their views may differ from
>your own or AMSATs)?

Here we go again.  

Russ did not say that you have no *right* to air certain opinions.  He
suggested that it might not be the smartest thing to do right now.  And I

Folks, Amsat-bb is an *international* forum.  *International* AMSAT
officials are right now in delicate negotiations with *international*
launch providers about P3D.

Some of these launch providers live in societies with a more civilized
level of public discourse than that practiced in the United States.  They
might be offended by the kind of in-your-faceness comments that can easily
fly during a heated policy discussion on this bb.  And this offense can
translate into less inclination to help AMSAT.  

Remember, when discussing P3D launch delays, remarks on amsat-bb can get
very heated.  Two years ago, there was one individual whose comments were
particularly destructive.  According to what I've heard, his remarks and
the free-for-all they generated did hurt AMSAT's position.

Suppose you and a group of friends walked into a family-run grocery store
and spent five minutes insulting the proprieter for all sorts of slights,
real or imagined.  Then you filled your cart and asked for a nearly 100%
discount.  What do you think the store owner would do?

So rejoice in your freedom of speech and your glorious practice of
democracy by emailing your AMSAT officials with friendly suggestions, angry
words, even linguistic offal you wish.  But please *voluntarily* refrain
from doing so on the amsat-bb.  Just because you have a *right* to do
something doesn't mean that it is *wise* to do so.  Or even in your best

--Peter, KD7MW

--- Peter
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