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Re: FodTrack Problems


	I suspect you may be using a version of my WiSP DDE Client wich has a
problem with flipping. I know I relesed at least one version wich had that
same problem with the GS-232 rotor control box from Yaesu, maybe there is
still a bug with flipping.
	Try the latest version (2.4) from my web-page:
http://www.chasque.apc.org/franky  look into 'Zona de Zrchivos'.

	If the problem is still there send me a message and I will setup things
here to make a test.

	73 de Nando, CX6DD.

At 12:04 20/05/99 -0500, Richard J. Lawn wrote:
>I'm using the FodTrack hardware interface to control my rotor (Yaesu) and
>am running WiSP and Station. I've been trying to get the DDE client to run
>under WiSP and eveything seems to work fine in terms of communicating with
>the radio and rotor interface EXCEPT the azimuth is 180 deg off. I have
>tried both the flipped and non-flipped settings. The rotor interface seems
>to work ok under Station though the rotor calibrate functions don't seem to
>work. The FodTrack software also seems to run fine in terms of
>communicating properly with the rotor and radio. I'm using a P400mhz
>computer running Win 98. Anyone have any suggestions?
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