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Re: The Value of AMSAT-BB

You know, a lot of engineers in the communications business are hams.
I really don't know how a little backlash from some of us really would
hurt the negotiations, but MAYBE a certain European Agency or two
should care about their reputation a bit more than they have.

Why we as individual hams should worry or care about the ESA is beyond me.  
Yeah I think we should be a bit upset with them.  The contracts might have 
been legal, but AMSAT sure got it on the "good faith" of the ESA.

Well, maybe some engineer ham out there who is looking for a launch for 
their commercial satellite will reflect exactly how ESA has been treating 
the AMSATs, and it will influence the decision a bit.

At this point however, jumping on a frustrated AMSAT member is just going to 
cost AMSAT another member, and actually serves less purpose than the initial 
complaint.  I mean, really there are many things that
a complaint is justified for in the 3D project.  Hopefully we can
live together and not destroy what is left of AMSAT.  If 3D is
successful, it would definately been worth the wait.

Oh, some of us like the fact we have freedom of speech and feel sorry
for those who dont..  After all the reflector is in the US...

Fred W0FMS

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