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Re: Getting P3D out of the US

On 1999-05-20 kc5jvb@magnolia.net said:
   >Hey Folks! Over the past week, we have had some fantastic formal
   >news about launch opportunities for Phase 3D.  Let's not jeopardize
   >this opportunity by discussing "what-if scenarios" on amsat-bb.

Great! it can join all the other fantastic formal time wasters that has
been published from amsat for the last two years. Show me.

   >This echo is read by lots of non-AMSAT folks associated with making
   >decisions on our launch opportunity and I dare say that their
   >access to this type of talk doesn't help our position. In fact, it
   >may allow you to achieve your wish for placing Phase 3D in a museum.

In other words lets just keep paying our dues and donations and don't
bother discussing this with others unless through official channels. Can
you spell DEMOCRACY? I think not.

   >Rather, may I strongly suggest comments regarding current and/or
   >future AMSAT efforts should be forwarded to one of the AMSAT
   >Strategy team members. Currently these folks are in the middle of a
   >very tough task of trying to chart AMSAT's course for the next five
   >years. They are looking for member info and comments on what we
   >should be doing.  Please transmit and not broadcast!
   >For a list of Strategy Team members, see page 28 of the March/April
   >issue of The AMSAT Journal.
   >Russ Tillman, K5NRK
   >AMSAT Journal Editor and Strategy Team Member

 Your a Strategy Team member, aren't you listening? The only way to get
 AMSAT's attention seems to be to Broadcast, Bitch and hold it accountable
 to the very people who F-U-N-D it.

 I am not alone in the thought that P3D is a giant white elephant. Many
 members are pretty fed up with it. Make it FLY, prove us wrong! I dare
 you! Just more phoney promises and news releases on a regular basis.

 I for one will not be renewing/supporting AMSAT's P3D anymore.

 Terry Bendell, VE3TKB
 AMSAT Member (One of the great unwashed sheep).

 Faith No More.


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