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RE: W1AW On Satellites?

Hi Jerry,

You wrote:

>Anybody hear them for the 85th Anniversary?  I have listened on RS-13,
>FO-20, and AO-10 this week and haven't heard them.  I hope 
>their big plan
>isn't AO-27 on Saturday!
>Jerry, K5OE
>ps:  I noted some new calls on RS-13 CW while scanning last two nights.

Actually, I made a CW QSO yesterday on FO-20.  And when AO-10 has been in
view, I've tried to make /85 QSOs (although I hadn't had much luck in
hearing my downlink signal).

On AO-27, I'm sure some folks must have heard me over the past few days!  No
takers unfortunately.

Whenever a satellite is in view, I try to get on and make some QSOs.  As for
AO-27 on Saturday, well, if someone is here and the bird is in view,
hopefully you'll hear us on it!

Thanks for listening for W1AW/85!


Joe, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager

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