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-----Article from Russ Tillman  5/20/99-----

Hey Folks! Over the past week, we have had some fantastic formal news about
launch opportunities for Phase 3D.  Let's not jeopardize this opportunity by
discussing "what-if scenarios" on amsat-bb. This echo is read by lots of
non-AMSAT folks associated with making decisions on our launch opportunity
and I dare say that their access to this type of talk doesn't help our
position. In fact, it may allow you to achieve your wish for placing Phase
3D in a museum.

Rather, may I strongly suggest comments regarding current and/or future
AMSAT efforts should be forwarded to one of the AMSAT Strategy team members.
Currently these folks are in the middle of a very tough task of trying to
chart AMSAT's course for the next five years. They are looking for member
info and comments on what we should be doing.  Please transmit and not

For a list of Strategy Team members, see page 28 of the March/April issue of
The AMSAT Journal.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor and Strategy Team Member

Right on Russ. Evidently the kibitzers did not read Dr Karl Meinzer's (DJ3ZC) article
 in the May 18 article  in the Amsat News Service .He mentions  a launch posibaly as
 early as Oct. 99. To those of us that have been looking forward to the launch since 
1991, this is the best news since sliced bread.

Bert McClellan
Gold Bar, WA.
Amsat 24279

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