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Re: shipping electronics

Ronald K. Long wrote:
> Paul Beckman wrote:
> > I took special note of your comment on Canada's rules. Ever try
> >to get *anything* electronic shipped to or from Canada? What a mess!
> >
> I have been shipping to individuals in many countries around the world for
> the past 12 years. My experience is 'Use the US Post Office'. The packages
> arrive promptly without duties. The paperwork on this end is minimal. I
> have had bad experiences with FedEX, UPS, DHL etc. as far as duties and
> delays. Just had a bunch of hassles this morning shipping FedEX to my
> daughter in Hong Kong. I only used them at her insistence, and against my
> better judgement. I also shipped a pcb to Canada this morning. No problem
> and $2.01 airmail.
> ron w8gus.
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In nearly all cases the use of USPS Insured mail is much preferred over
using UPS,Fed-Ex etc... the Brokerage fees levied by these carriers can
and do exceed the cost of the item ... proper packaging is ALWAYS
necessary, regardless if it goes Mail or Carrier... On the other hand,
it is MUCH cheaper to send SOME packages VIA UPS pre-paid to the U.S.
from Canada, as UPS Canada uses the Dimensional weight as opposed to the
the actual weight of the package, I shipped a National NC-300 (about 65
pound) double boxed and very well packed, to Maryland from Alberta this
way and the total cost was 48.55 CDN$ or about 32.00 US... I don't
beleive this could have been shipped within the U.S. for this amount...
Items that require a LARGE container are of course more expensive, but
knowing how to pack large , heavy items is the secret... I always
Completely bubble-wrap the item , and using Roll-end tubes of the Tape
rolls place these over any larger VFO/Bandspred knobs taped in place,
then place this into a tight fitting box, that is then inserted into a
Larger box with good Foam spacers top, bottom, and sides and uses a hard
pack NEW peanut infill... Also Packing the item so that it sits end up
is much better than if it were lying flat, as this is much easier for
handlers to carry, and the package will end up being shipped "End-up"
anyway... it takes up less shelf space , and that adds to the carriers
bottom line... Placing your labels on the top and front side ( Where the
VFO and front panel ) are , will force the Carrier to place it this way,
as they don't want to have to turn or lift the packages , and all items
are faced so that the UPS Label and Shipping label is facing outwards
for ease of reading... just my .02$ CDN worth... 73 de Jordan...
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