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Re: Getting P3D out of the US

On 1999-05-19 beckmann@acm.org said:
   >Hi, Andy.
   >I took special note of your comment on Canada's rules. Ever try
   >to get *anything* electronic shipped to or from Canada? What a mess!
   >Best 73's
   >--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse
   >Editor, P3G to P3D, and AMSAT-NA publication

I have been doing just that for the last 25 years, whats so difficult?
Just get in your car and drive North! Seriously though, UPS brokerage
fees are almost insane, thats why for lower weight electronics I choose
mail into and out of the true north. UPS can't get the blood out of you.

Since P3D isn't likely to be going anywhere ever why even bother shipping
it around? Stick it in mothballs or donate it to a space museum, In the
meantime we can all save money and amsat can focus on projects that
are lower cost and more realistic for available airframe payloads.

It seems to me that P3D has been a huge drain on limited Amsat resources,
lets cut our losses and get back to a more realistic platform of
smaller, cheaper satellites that can be launched on any vehicle.

A good friend of mine made the comment about the P3D model fund-raiser,
"Better buy it, it's as close as P3D is ever going to get for you"

I hope he is wrong!



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