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Re: Getting P3D out of the US

Hi, Andy.
  Actually, P3D was never *in* the US. It, as an entity, has been
in a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) at the Orlando International Airport. It's
quite a bizzare place (my opinion), with barbed-wire topped chain
link fences, sign-in books, etc. In a very important technical sense,
P3D is not in the USA.
  The reason P3D was assembled in the FTZ was to ease the paperwork
in getting pieces of electronic equipment into and out of the US.
Remember, almost everything in P3D was built in a foreign country
(although an amazing amount of work has been done in Orlando!)
The import duties on some of that equipment would have out-stripped
the cost of P3D overall, by some estimates. Then it would all have
to be exported again (more duties) to wherever for pre-launch
qualification tests and launch.
  I took special note of your comment on Canada's rules. Ever try
to get *anything* electronic shipped to or from Canada? What a mess!

Best 73's
--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse
Editor, P3G to P3D, and AMSAT-NA publication
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