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RE: Dayton

Hi Andy,

You asked:

> Can we get Phase 3D out of the US?
> Recent changes in US export license law has seen major changes in
> what can and can't be exported, and it seems as though anything
> dealing with satellites is watched with extreme care. There are
> reports in trade publications of restrictions even on Canadian
> transfers, and European coutries are not excepted.
> So, is our license in order, and is anyone making sure of this?

Good question. I have a good answer as well. Yes, everything is in order to 
export Phase 3-D out of the U.S. I asked AMSAT-NA President Baker that
very question some time ago, mainly after the problems that Bob, WB4APR, 
ran into. I was pleased with his answer. 

I must tell you that as my involvement with the entire Phase 3-D team
I am continually impressed by the abilities and determination of the team
They are 'wonderful folk' with who have taken on a tremendous
responsibility. Their 
legacy will be cemented when P3D is in orbit....

 --73 Dan NN0DJ--
   AMSAT VP/Public Relations    
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